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I​​​novated groups with top 40 songs of all genres for weddings, clubs, corporate events and much more!

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Mambo Cat Music, a company where there is booking choices for all entertainment needs. The bands are under the direction of Dante Vargas, musical producer, arranger, composer, musician and GRAMMY WINNER/NOMINATED for known artist like J-Lo, Marc Anthony, Carlos Vives, Luis Enrique and much more..

Mambo Cat Top40

The Cat band is under the direction of Dante Vargas, musical producer, arranger, musician & grammy winner/dominated for many known artist like J-Lo, Marc Anthony, Luis Enrique, Carlos Vives and much more. enjoy the new latin beat of Dante Vargas & The Cat Band.
Our Top40 band who is available to perform at any special event you hold. The instruments we use in our band are thoughtfully selected in order to tailor to your musical endeavors. We are able to size up or down to fit your event whether that is two instrumentalist or a whole band.
Set List
Widely known producer, composer and trumpeter DANTE VARGAS, director of "The Cat Band" and winner of several Grammy Awards next to the most important stars of the international musical medium, has just presented his new salsa creation, "VETE YA & TIMBALERO", an incredible production that for him, has an ingredient much more than special, since it is interpreted by "VAL" his daughter.

Mambo Cat Music provides you with jazz cocktail music because  cocktail hour that's done right can really show your guest that you care.  ​

- One to Three Musicians

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Hora Loca - 6 dancers or Less

Son Cubano - 6 musicians or less

Mariachi - 10 Musicians or less

Jazz Quartet 

Single instruments   -  Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Trombone, Guitar, Singer, Harp, Violin, Cello, Clarinet & More